A little of my origin story…

a little of my origin storyWhen I started doula work, I thought it was a stepping stone to midwifery. As I attended more births in the hospital as well as at home I realized I was desperately needed to support women in their hospital births. While homebirths are beautiful and often very intervention free, my work as an advocate and empowering source of trust in the process was needed in the hospital.

As I continued my work I learned that watching women step into their power in birth, motherhood, AND life would always be a part of my life.

Being a Doula has taught me so much about all the cracks and gaping holes in our care for women and babies. It is both infuriating and saddening to watch women get bad information, care that is not based in any evidence and disregarded or criticized when they have questions or concerns. While there are definitely care providers who are working hard to try to fill these gaps it is not enough.

The love I have and the joy I feel watching women step into their power in labor and birth is the reason I decided to grow to be able to provide more than the physical emotional & logistical support a Doula provides. My hope is to provide women a safe space to tap into their intuition, their other ways of knowing, their vulnerability and bravery to discover the pieces of them that are not quite being fulfilled. Whether this looks like nutrition, sleep, relationships, community, movement, trauma, fear. There are so many facets to our humanity. There is so much to delve into and discover. You are complex, unique, wild, miraculous.

I hope to continue to support, guide & grow in this impossible culture we live in.

If you have ever found it difficult to find your voice, to speak up for yourself, especially in any medical situation, if you have ever felt like you weren’t being listened to, if you have been harmed by misinformation or lack of information in our medical industrial complex, you are not alone. You can take back your power.

You can heal your wounds, spiritually, physically, emotionally – I’m here to help if you need it!

What do you think?