Clarity Sessions

Get ready for better weather with a quick self check-in!

Let’s find some simple ways to get you feeling your best!

Sometimes as the weather changes we notice we’re not feeling how we wish we would.  I wish we had more energy, or more focus. Maybe you have been struggling even defining what feels off but you know somethings off. Have you been discussing your health with your doctor, but are still spinning your wheels? This is all super common, and with the right next best steps, you can start moving in the direction of feeling your best.

In these 30-minute clarity sessions, we will come up with 1-5 concrete actions you can take to start feeling better in your body and mind. with a week or 2 between sessions, you have time to implement and see some results, but not so much time that we lose focus.

These “action items” might be ways you can enjoy the holiday feasts while also honoring your unique body’s abilities and limitations, or small daily changes you can make for the beginnings of long term change. The options are endless, and we will hone those options down so you feel like you’re on your way to optimal health and resilience.

I’m only offering a few of these sessions at a reduced rate of $199, so if you’re not sure if a 12-week program is for you, or you just a want a little guidance as we head into this next season, this is for you!

Imagine what you have to gain!

If you’re ready to jump on board — let’s do it!   

If you have any questions you can schedule yourself a FREE consult and we will get to know each other and figure out how I can support you on your journey!