What don’t I know? The Resilient Mother Program!

You know what’s hard? You know what HARDER in ‘rona times? 


Parenthood in general is a total shit show a lot of the time. A TON of flying by the seat of your pants, learning as you go, and lessons hard won.

We often think we have the skills we need to navigate parenthood, have “adult conversations” with our partners and in general not turn into puddles of emotions.

Motherhood changes all that.

Resilient mother "you're worth it"You WILL be a puddle of emotion at sometime. I PROMISE. You will feel like your partner doesn’t understand what it’s like for you (they really don’t) and it will make you a liiiiiittle resentful.

You know how I know this? I HAVE BEEN THERE. And I’ve been a witness to over 150 new mothers try to navigate these waters.

This May, I will be doing a deep dive with 6 soon-to-be mothers about what is in store for them on the other side of birth. In my doula work for the last 10 years, I have learned so much from my clients (and honestly failed so many of them by not preparing them, being present enough) as they navigate the 4th and then 5th trimesters.

In The Resilient Mother Program, we will be exploring how we each move through the world in our most authentic way. How that feeds us as we move through the most trying parts of parenthood.  We will learn what babies and bodies need in the first year postpartum and how best to nourish our mind, body and spirit.

We will discuss what questions to ask, requests to make, and conversations to have before baby comes so we can be supported, fulfilled, and RESILIENT in our new role as MOTHER.

Come Join me! Space is SUPER limited, because I want you each to have time and space to get the support you need.  I can’t wait to hear from you! If you have any questions, please set up a call and I’ll be happy to make sure this feels like the perfect next steps for you!

What do you think?