We Start May 1, 2021!

The Resilient Mother program for soon-to-be moms due after July 1, 2021

Jump in now! and if you know someone who this would be a good fit for, please share widely!

This program is for you if any of these sound like you!

You might already be experiencing sleep problems and from everything you hear, you’re afraid it will only get worse after baby is born

You’ve heard about postpartum bleeding & body changes and you’re concerned it will happen to you (and you won’t know how to recover)

You’re anxious about not snapping back to slender former self, so you’re staying active, watching what you’re eating — but you don’t know how you’ll keep this up post-birth

What if you knew you could:

Have a strategy that feels doable and simple so you and your partner are getting all the sleep and rest you need to parent at your best.

Be prepared with the best tools to rebuild and restore your body to full health and resilience.

Feel free to exercise in ways that fit your life as you recover after birth.

We’re starting really soon!

Now’s the time to jump on-board if you’re ready to get answers to some of the biggest questions around what it’s like to be a new parent and to parent a newborn.

In The Resilient Mother Program, we will be exploring what makes us joyful, impactful, and resilient NOW, before having a tiny human join your life. We will learn what babies and bodies need in the first year postpartum and how best to nourish our mind, body and spirit.

We will discuss what questions to ask, requests to make, and conversations to have before baby comes so we can be supported, fulfilled, and RESILIENT in our new role as MOTHER.

Come Join me! Space is SUPER limited, because I want you each to have time and space to get the support you need.  I can’t wait to hear from you! If you have any questions, please set up a call and I’ll be happy to make sure this feels like the perfect next steps for you!

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